Buying a House

Don’t be intimidated by the recent housing crisis. Buying the home of your dreams is still achievable with some planning. Educate yourself on the process, the vocabulary, and then when you are ready to buy, call Blue Chip FCU for your mortgage loan.

The Basics of Mortgages

Because of the high cost of most real estate, very few people can purchase a home with savings alone. Knowing the basics of how mortgages work can help guide you to the loan that is most appropriate for you. [Learn more]

Choosing a Realtor Who is Right for You

When you are ready to buy a home a real estate professional can help you sort through all the important details, financial and otherwise, involved in the home buying process. [Learn more]

Saying "I Do" to Homeownership: How to Make the Most of this Very Important Relationship

Buying a home is a major commitment. It's a bit like getting married: you have to be ready and you have to find the right "one." [Learn more]

Buying a Home Sold through Short Sale or Foreclosure

If you are planning to buy a home and want to get a good deal, you may have considered purchasing one sold through short sale or foreclosure. Homes sold these ways will cost less than a comparable home sold the old-fashioned way, but both can present unique challenges you should be aware of before deciding to go this route. [Learn more]

Home Search Checklist

Use this checklist during your home search to help you remember the features of each property. Fill out one checklist per home. [Learn more]

Mortgage Application Documentation Checklist

Prepare the documents you may need to provide ahead of time can help ensure the process proceeds quickly and smoothly. [Learn more]

The Road To Homeownership

Buying a first home is exciting, but can feel overwhelming too. Through preparation and understanding the home buying process, you can achieve your dream of homeownership. [Learn more]

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