Credit unions are unique financial institutions. Groups of people who shared a common bond—like a workplace or community—formed the not-for-profit financial cooperatives to provide access to credit at a fair price and higher dividends on their pooled savings. Each depositor becomes a member of the credit union by virtue of a minimum deposit or “share” that entitles them to a singular, democratic vote regardless of their balances. With that vote they have a say in how their financial institution is run.

Membership to the credit union immediately ensures access to all products and services that the credit union will offer. Because credit unions operate for the sole benefit of the membership, these benefits take the form of lower loan rates, higher dividend rates, free services, and financial education.

At Blue Chip FCU, we offer service from a staff that genuinely cares about our members' financial security and well-being. We help improve the lives of our members by encouraging regular savings, providing pertinent information and counseling about credit, and making loans for things like motor vehicles and home improvements.

Our goal is to serve every member well, including those of modest means—because every member counts!

Learn about Blue Chip Federal Credit Union and all the benefits that come with membership here.

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