3 Money Saving Back to School Tips

It’s back to school time! We know the kids are excited to see their friends and begin a new adventure! Sometimes, that new adventure can get a little pricey. We have you covered with some easy financial tips to make back to school fun and affordable.

  • Shopping made easy:

    We all remember rushing out to do the back to school shopping, but be sure to do an inventory of what your kids already have. This will save you money when heading back to school. With most schools starting in August, your kid’s summer clothes will definitely get them through the first few weeks of school and you can wait for clearance or big sales to buy any fall/winter clothes they may need. Pick just a few items, like new shoes, to buy for the first day of school.

Six year old with backpack ready for school Mother kissing girl holding school lunch box
  • Educational Pricing:

    Does your student need more expensive back to school items such as electronics or graphing calculators? Be sure to take advantage of educational pricing offered by many of the big tech companies including Apple and Microsoft. And of course… be a bargain shopper! Check for special offers before making a big electronics purchase.

family spending time together in living room with teengirl playing on phone and laptop

Enjoy this special time of year and remember, we are always right here to help you make the most of every experience! Be sure to check out our Kid’s Club, Teenclub and Young Adult Club for financial tips, special incentive programs and much more!