3 Tips to Make Your Holiday Meals Merry & Affordable

The Holiday Season is here and many of us have noticed a potential problem when planning and shopping for our Holiday Meals – Price Increases! According to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, grocery prices have increased by over 6% compared to last year at this time. Many of us have seen this increase first hand at the supermarket checkout. Thankfully, economists do predict that prices will begin a slow drop again 2022. In the meantime, we have you covered with our top 3 tips to make your meals more affordable this Christmas!

Change the Menu: 

Many of our Holiday traditions include the decadent splendors of the season… A Christmas ham, a fully dressed turkey, shrimp cocktail and the Whoville favorite, roast beast. Looking at the increased cost of meat, this would be a great year to start a new family tradition. Consider a meal where you can stretch the protein. A pasta bar is a great way to create a mouthwatering spread without breaking the bank. A pound of ground beef or sausage links go a long way when added to a sauce. Make your own garlic bread with a $1.50 loaf of homemade Italian bread, some butter and garlic seasoning. Chicken and/or Ham potpie is another great option to feed the masses on a tight budget. Saving on the main course leaves money leftover for the traditional shrimp cocktail and eggnog.

Simple Christmas dinner at home

Shop Budget Friendly: 

If your menu is set, with no room for variation, there are still ways to stay within your budget. Spend the extra time creating a plan and shop budget friendly. Grab the circulars and find out where the best deals are! Thankfully, we live in an area with LOTS of discount grocery store options. Check out Sharp Shopper and Aldi’s discount stores first. You may be able to get many of the staples you need for your holiday meals at a fraction of the price you would typically pay.

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Consider Going Potluck: 

Instead of doing one big meal where you offer the main dish and everyone else brings side dishes or desserts, consider going Potluck with a theme! Everyone brings their favorite childhood holiday dish or casserole and a dessert. This way, no one is taking on the expense of the main dish. Everyone is doing a smaller, less expensive dish. The best part…. everyone gets to a share a little bit of what makes Christmas special for them!

Family  having Christmas dinner at home with friends

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From all of your friends at Blue Chip FCU, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!