4 Inexpensive, yet thoughtful, gifts to give this Holiday season:

Christmas is that wonderful time of year where we give gifts to show our love and appreciation. But… every year our list of recipients seems to get longer and longer and the Christmas budget needs to get bigger and bigger. We have some great tips to keep the budget in check, but still show your love and appreciation this holiday season… Here is our list of 4 inexpensive, yet thoughtful, gifts to give this holiday season.

Personalized Items:

One of our favorite gifts to give is anything personalized… a puzzle with a picture of your family, a mug or Christmas tree ornament with the grandkids on it or a photobook. Shutterfly is one of our favorite companies because they offer FREE items throughout the year and especially during the Holidays! You only pay shipping! Be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page and website to get those FREE and deeply discounted deals!

personalized ornaments for the christmas tree with pictures of loved ones on them.

Homemade Gifts (that don’t require a lot of skill):

Our first thought when someone says, “Make them something”: No one wants anything I’m capable of making them! Thanks to Pinterest and savvy moms everywhere… there are lots of great homemade gift ideas that don’t require a ton of skill. We are loving these “Sharpie Mugs and Wineglasses.” You can pick up a cute mug or wine glass at the dollar store, some alphabet letters and sharpie markers at your local craft store and ta-da… Gifts for all of the teachers in your life!

homemade mug decorated with sharpie markers and letters

Deeply Discounted Items:

We are always on the lookout for items that are DEEPLY discounted! You may only pay $5 a piece, but they have a higher perceived value because the retail price is $20. Prepackaged glove and scarf combos from New York and Co. are a go-to gift! At only $5 a piece, these are perfect for the babysitter, co-worker, mailperson, bus driver, and more! (NOTE: You normally find these on sale for $5 after Black Friday and closer to Christmas, so keep checking back to their website and stores.)

sale sign or concept - letters on price tags against rustic red painted barn wood

A Picture Frame Gift (of the recipient):

YAY for social media! We live in an age where people share their favorite photos with the masses. Grab a cute photo cube, picture frame or serving tray with photo openings and print out some great pictures to put in the frame! If you personally don’t have any pictures of that person, turn to their social media page and print out some pictures they have shared. The best part of this gift isn’t the inexpensive frame you bought, it’s the memories you are sharing!

Beautiful couple taking a selfie.

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