Adventure Awaits – 4 Fun Fall Outdoor Adventures

Fall is right around the corner and adventure awaits! This is the PERFECT time to take advantage of the many outdoor activities available in South Central, PA.  And the best part… you don’t have to spend a lot of money! Check out our top 4 fun fall outdoor adventures.

Hiking, Biking and Camping… Oh My! 

Pennsylvania is knows for their amazing State Parks offering family fun for everyone! From hiking and biking trails to lakes for boating and camping, visiting PA State Parks this fall, will make for fun and safe family adventures. Check out the DCNR website for a list of state parks and to make your reservations.

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Extreme Races For the Whole Family: 

This fall is a great time to partner outdoor adventure with a little family friendly competition! Many companies including Spartan, Rugged Maniac and Savage offer outdoor extreme races. Or you can create your own! Pick a trail or neighborhood and plan to do an extreme race with your family. Combine biking and running and add in fun obstacles like the monkey bars (when going past a local park). Make it extra special with an awards presentation for the family!

Pre-teen boy riding mountain bike with his sister and parents during a family camping trip, close up

Backyard Adventures:

One of the best things about outdoor adventures is that they don’t have to cost a lot of money! Make lifetime memories by pitching a tent in your own backyard. Make it festive with some pumpkin carving and then have dinner over an open fire. Campfire hot dogs and mountain pies (If you don’t know what a mountain pie is, get ready to thank us for this great advice and check THIS website for recipes) make for an easy and affordable dinner. And of course, you have to have s’mores for a late night camping treat.

And the best part of backyard camping adventures… you have running water and a warm home just feet away. You can talk even the most hesitant of campers into joining you!

Tent pitched in the backyard

Outside Entertainment Venues:  

There are so many great entertainment venues right here in Central and South Central PA to enjoy this fall. These adventures include Hershey Park in the Dark, Cherry Crest Adventure Farms, Gettysburg Battle Field Tours or Ghost town tours and the many local zoo’s: Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland, Hershey’s Zoo America, Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, Philadelphia Zoo, Lake Tobias  Wildlife Park, & Penn’s Cave. Check out this list of the best zoo’s in PA from

Mom and daughter visit a contact zoo with rabbits on the eve of Easter. Festive, easter tradition. Lots of rabbits.