Summer Entertaining on a Budget – Top 4 Tips

Summer is the perfect time to throw a party! The weather is gorgeous, the days are long, and everyone is excited to spend time together. But, if you are anything like us, our budgets don’t increase just because it’s summertime. We have some great ideas on how-to throw a great summer party on a budget! Check out our top 4 tips for summer entertaining on a budget!

Buy your food at a discount:

Our number one top tip is to buy your party food at a discount! In South Central PA, we have plenty of discount grocery stores. Our favorites are Aldi’s and Sharp Shopper. They have their normal staple items and lots of new items that change weekly. So be sure to check the stores before menu planning. This way, you can plan your menu around what you find on sale!

If you prefer to shop at a brand name grocery store, look for coupons and app discounts. Giant has an app where you can access all of their weekly coupons and shop their flyer for additional discounts! You can also find a lot of meat that is yellow tagged. This just means that it is needs to be sold within the next day or two and is deeply discounted. Take advantage of these tools! We know it takes a little more time to shop for discounts, but it IS worth it!

Pretty female customer carrying grocery basket looking for item in store aisle

Throw a pot-luck party:

Everyone always asks, “What can I bring?” Turn your party into a pot-luck! A pot-luck party is when everyone brings a dish to share. You could provide the meat or main dish and have everyone else bring their favorite summer side dish or dessert! This is an easy way to throw a fun summer get together and try some new dishes all at the same time. If you are struggling to come up with side-dish ideas, check out this list of easy summer sides from


Group of diverse friends enjoying summer party together

Be Strategic with your menu:

If you are inviting a lot of people, be sure to plan a menu that feeds a lot of people on a budget. Hot dogs, watermelon, baked beans and corn on the cob are great options for a summer party! You can almost always find these items on sale during the summer and they are great summertime foods. Another easy summer food are pre-packaged pasta salads. These also go on sale during the summer months. Grab a couple boxes at a dollar a piece and throw in some fresh shredded cheese, crispy bacon, canned veggies or other toppings to add a little zing.

Hotdog and Fries with a Beer

Party AFTER the sun goes down:

Another great way to save money is to throw a party after dinner! You can focus on desserts and snacks as opposed to providing a full dinner. If you have a projector (or access to a projector), turn it into movie night! Throw up a sheet or project on the side of your house for a neighborhood summertime bash! The kids will love it. But, be sure to build in time to catch fireflies.

Summer cinema with retro projector in the garden

The most important part… have a great time! Summer is all about enjoying our family and friends during these beautiful months! Be sure to take advantage of the many products and services your credit union offers to help make summertime the most enjoyable time of the year!

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