Top 3 Tips for Keeping Kids Productive this Summer

It’s been a full week since the last bell rang and the kids came home for summer! After the first week of relaxation, the boredom of non-scheduled days may start to take over. We have you covered with our top 3 tips to keep your kids busy and productive this summer!

  • Academic Time

    According to Psychology Today, the “Summer Slump” is a real thing. Studies have shown that students can lose or forget some of what they learned over the school year. Fight the summer slump by requiring some daily academic time tailored to your child’s needs and interests. This can be as easy as reading a book as a family such as “Summer According to Humphry.” Or you can consider purchasing an academic book to keep their skills sharp through summer. We love the Brain Quest Summer Series that offer a bridge from their current grade to the next grade. With levels and sticker rewards, learning is fun and affordable. Most of the books are close to or  under $10 and available on Amazon.

    If your kids enjoy online learning, there are many educational programs available either free or for a small monthly charge. Prodigy offers a free Math program and an upgraded monthly subscription program parents can purchase just for the summer months. ABC Mouse and Adventure Academy are other great programs geared for ages 2 – 13. Coming in around $12 a month, these programs turn learning into an interactive game!

Online learning. Happy father using laptop relax with schooler son holding laptop have fun together, smiling dad and little boy child enjoy weekend with gadgets outside on nature
  • Household Chores:

    During the school year, our kids are BUSY! Between getting up early, school all day and sporting activities and homework every night, our kids struggle to add anything to their schedules. Summer is a great time to teach basic household chores and give kids an opportunity to help contribute to the household tasks that keep our homes running.

    Consider offering a chores list that includes required tasks and tasks that could earn kids some extra money. This is a nice combo to teach contribution to the family and learning that hard work can earn you money. 

    Weekly Chore List:

    Required Chores: Optional Paid Chores:
    Make bed and keep bedroom clean Weed mulched landscaping – $2.00
    Feed Dog Vacuum living and dining room floors – $2.00
    Stock bathrooms with toilet paper Clean the upstairs bathroom – $2.00
    Dust baseboards Disinfect all light switches and doorknobs – $1.00




  • Summer Playground

    Look for summer playground programs in your community! These are typically offered by townships, local recreation departments or even your local church. This will help keep the kids both active and social throughout the summer! Many playground programs include organized sports, crafts, games, water activities and even talent shows.

Group of thee kids boys and girls sit together with hula hoops hugging talking to each other

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