Top 3 Tips to Save Money this Christmas Season

It’s hard to believe the Holiday Season is almost here! It’s not even Halloween and Christmas decorations are already out in stores. It really is time to start thinking about how to save money this Christmas Season. But… no fear, we have you covered with our top 3 tips for saving money this Christmas!

  • Create a plan and shop around: 

    It sounds like such simple advice… but having a plan will absolutely help you save money this Christmas season! No more wandering aimlessly through Target. Once you know the perfect gift for your loved one, you can shop around and compare prices! And be sure to look for coupons. There are great coupon apps you can download such as retailmenot. You can also simply Google coupons for the store of your choice! And be sure to look at the coupons stores give you with your receipt. We just received a 60% off coupon for one regular priced item at A.C. Moore on one day only! These are the golden ticket coupons. Be sure to take advantage of these savings!

    Young mom and daughter holding shopping bags


  • Take advantage of your rewards points:

    Do you have a rewards credit card? For the conscientious person, rewards credit cards equal free money! For every dollar you spend on your credit card, you get a point to use toward travel, merchandise and gift cards! Last year, we cashed in our points for a $200 gift card to our favorite store to use for Christmas Shopping! Check out our Blue Chip FCU VISA Rewards Credit Card! In addition to points, we offer an incredibly low intro-rate of 2.99% APR that you will keep on any purchases made in the first year!  NOTE OF CAUTION: If you don’t pay off your credit card balance every month, you will pay finance charges… so think about your spending habits and ability to pay off your balance before you whip out the credit card!

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  • Look for creative ways to access cash:

    We have all had those moments where cash is tight, but we still want to provide an amazing experience for our loved ones. Your credit union has many creative products and services to help you access money at very low-rates. Take advantage of our Skip-a-Pay program. You can pay a small fee to skip your December loan payment and use that extra cash for the holidays. We also have a super low rate/short-term Holiday Loan available! Access up to $2,000 for rates as low as 5.99% APR. The short 12-month repayment term makes this loan quick and easy for the Holidays.

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Enjoy this special time of year and remember, we are always right here to help you make the most of every experience! Be sure to check out our other savings programs such as our Christmas and Vacation Clubs to save for special events throughout the year!