Youth Members win BIG At Blue Chip FCU

At Blue Chip FCU, our goal is to help our young members grow into financially successful adults! We know this is a partnership between your family and ours. We are here every step of the way to help make saving money fun, educational and rewarding! From our Kid’s Zoo Club and BCFCU Teen Club to our Live Freely Young Adult Club, we have established programs designed to assist your child through each stage of money management.

BCFCU Kid’s Zoo Club: Kids Go Wild about Saving Money!

We are WILD about saving money at BCFCU. The BCFCU Zoo Club is designed for children ages 0 – 12 years and creates a fun environment for kids to learn about managing money! Our goal is to teach our young members how to become financially responsible adults and Zoo Club is the first fun step in that process! Check out our Kid’s Zoo Club for more program information, fun games for kids and financial literacy information.

Club Benefits Include:

  • Monthly dividends earned on balance of $50.00+.
  • Savings book and stickers for members to keep track of their savings!
  • Savings banks for every new kids club member
  • Events, Contests, Savings Incentive Programs and so much more!
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BCFCU Teen Club:

Our teen club was designed specifically for our members ages 13 – 17. As our teen members begin Jr. and Sr. High School, we know they are ready to take on more financial responsibility. They will soon be making their own money and spending decisions. Our BCFCU Teen Club is designed with the products and services they need for saving and budgeting their money! And college is right around the corner… we have you covered with Student Loans and Educational Scholarships! Visit our Teen Club page for complete club details!

Club Benefits Include:

  • Savings Account with dividends earned on $50.00+
  • Checking Account with debit card available
  • Mobile App/ Online Banking
  • Student Loans – will cover up to 100% of funds needed for college
  • Scholarship Program – available to high school seniors planning to continue their education.
  • Academic Rewards Program – Determination + Persistence = A cash reward from BCFCU


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BCFCU Live Freely Young Adult Club:

No matter where their adventures take them, the BCFCU Live Freely Young Adult Club has your child covered. This club is designed for young adults ages 18 – 28. Now is the time to develop great spending and savings habits! Blue Chip FCU is here to help them begin their independent financial journey with products and services designed just for young adults. Check out our Young Adult Page for complete details including how to get a discount on their very first car loan!

Club Benefits Include:

  • Savings Account with dividends earned on $50.00+
  • Checking Account with debit card
  • Starter VISA Card – $500 max balance
  • Mobile App/ Online Banking
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Student Loans – will cover up to 100% of funds needed
  • Scholarship Program – available to members continuing their education after High School.
  • 1st Car Loan Discount Program


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