Planning for Retirement

Most people start thinking of retirement as soon as they start working. However, most don’t start planning until years later. Build your nest egg from the beginning with some forethought and effort.

A Guide to Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages can provide a way for seniors to get cash from the equity in their homes without having to make monthly payments or move. [Learn more]

Basics of Social Security Retirement Benefits

Understand how Social Security retirement benefits work for you before you give your notice. [Learn more]

Rules for Early Withdrawal from a Retirement Fund

Withdrawing money from a retirement plan before retirement may be a necessity to avert financial disaster. Review the rules on withdrawing from different types of retirement funds. [Learn more]

What To Do With Your Retirement Plan if You Leave Your Job

If you are leaving your job and have saved for your future by participating in your employer’s retirement plan, you have a major financial decision to make: what should you do with your account? Explore the options along with benefits and drawbacks. [Learn more]

Saving and Investing for Retirement

A simple, step-by-step approach can help you build up an impressive sum for retirement with a surprisingly small amount of effort and outlay. [Learn more]

Matching retirement contributions: Don’t turn down free money

If your employer has a matching 401(k) retirement program (or a 403(b) if you work for a non-profit) and you’re not taking advantage of it, you are turning down free money. [Learn more]
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