Students & Money

Give your children the financial literacy foundation they need to properly prepare for their future and avoid the mistakes that can derail their plans. With your encouragement and guidance, they can become diligent personal money managers.

Sending Kids the Right Money Message

Money does not grow on trees. Okay, you know this – but do your kids? Teaching children the meaning of money is vital to ensuring they know how to survive in a world full of financial hazards. [Learn more]

Raising Money-Smart Kids

Every year, American children receive over $15 billion in allowance, gifts and wages - reason enough to start teaching children money management and consumer skills at a young age. The following tips can make the difference between a child who grows up to be financially secure - and one who isn't. [Learn more]

Goal Chart for Children

Seeing how close they are to their goals can make saving more exciting for children. Place the chart in a visible location, like the refrigerator. [Learn more]

A Parent's Guide to Financial Aid

There is extensive financial aid available to help fund the cost of your child's college education, but the process of applying for aid can be daunting. The financial aid forms you obtain from the school your child wants to attend will help you through the application process step by step. [Learn more]

Finances for College Students

Learning to make the most of your money today while preparing for tomorrow is an education you can't afford to pass up! [Learn more]

Repaying Student Loans

Being educated about student loans and your options can make it easier to repay them. [Learn more]
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