Fraud Protection


Blue Chip FCU will never email or telephone you requesting your personal or account information. Protect yourself against fraud; never provide personal or financial information such as check or credit card numbers, PINs, Social Security numbers or passwords to unsolicited phone, email or pop-up website requests. Be sure to check your account information regularly for possible unauthorized transactions. Our Online Banking is free and available anytime and anywhere there is Internet access.

Identity Theft

When a criminal uses another individual’s personal information to “become” that person, it is known as Identity Theft. It can involve more than the theft or misuse of a Social Security Number. It may also involve credit card and other types of fraud.

What should you do?

  • Act immediately to minimize the danger to your personal information, including but not limited to, personal funds and financial accounts.
  • Close all compromised accounts that have been established fraudulently in your name.
  • Contact the three major credit bureaus:
    • Equifax: 1(800)525-6285
    • Experian: 1(888)397-3742
    • Trans Union: 1(800)680-7289
  • If you are a victim, and the US Mail is involved, contact the nearest US Postal Inspector’s office. Contact your local law enforcement agency.
  • If your Social Security Number was used fraudulently, contact the Social Security Administration at 1(800)269-0271.
  • Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to see if another driver’s license was issued in your name.
  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at 877-ID-THEFT (438-4338) or visit their website. If any Blue Chip Federal Credit Union accounts are believed to be compromised, call 1(800)782-2328.
  • Identity Theft Solutions

    There are preventative measures you can take to substantially reduce the chance of identity theft occurring, as well as steps to recover from any damage if you are a victim. [Learn more]

    Also available as a Podcast

    Fraud at ATMs—Keeping Your Checking and Savings Accounts Safe

    Thieves are turning to hijacking ATMs as a way of stealing money using skimmers that read your card information or other devices that capture it. Be prepared and know what to look for. [Learn more]

    Online and Aware: Protect Yourself from E-Mail Scams

    E-mail and the Internet have become part of our daily lives. The convenience of shopping, banking, paying bills, and communicating electronically has saved us time and hassle. Use the steps in this article to prevent your information from being stolen. [Learn more]

    Read and download our Identity Theft newsletter full of additional tips and resources.

    Helpful Links

    For more information on identity theft and what you can do to protect yourself, visit these helpful web sites:

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