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Teens & Money

You have a whole lifetime to earn, save, invest, and spend money. Yet, in order to avoid costly mistakes and wasted time, you have to learn how to make the most of every penny so you can achieve the financial independence you want—when you need it. [Learn more]

Teens and Money: Checking and Savings Accounts

One of the first steps toward real freedom (and adulthood) is having a checking and savings account in your own name. These accounts allow you to save money, make purchases, and pay bills efficiently. [Learn more]

Credit Cards and Teens: No Minor Issue

Credit cards are not just for adults anymore — in fact, one third of all American teenagers are cardholders. However, because it is so easy to get into financial trouble with that little piece of plastic, it is very important to learn how to use it before ever uttering those first magic words: “charge it!” [Contact a Loan Officer for more information]

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With extremely low rates and terms, whether you are buying a mini-van for your expanding family or a sports car for your empty nest, Blue Chip FCU can help put you in the right loan for your budget.

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