3 Money MUST HAVES Before you Leave for College

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end and the start of college is only days away! We know you’re registered for class, you’re living in style in the dorms, BUT… do you have your finances ready? Whether you are headed hours or minutes away from home, you want to think out your financial plan and make sure you have access to your money!

  • Last Minute Tuition Money:

    Are you still a few grand short on college funds? We have you covered with our BCFCU Student Loans by Sallie Mae. You can get 100% tuition coverage even at the last minute. Learn more and apply today at Blue Chip FCU Student Loans by Sallie Mae.

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  • Access to Your Money:

    Use all of the products and services available to easily manage your money!

    • FREE Mobile Banking and Online Account Access – No need to stress about having access to your money! With our FREE Mobile Banking and Online Account access, transferring money and checking your account is only a click away. Online Banking
    • FREE Cross-Account Online Transfers – We know there will be those moments when Mom or Dad need to transfer money into your account. We’ve got it covered with our FREE cross-account online transfers! Instantly have access to your funds.
    • FREE Checking Account with a VISA Debit Card – We offer FREE student checking accounts! Don’t miss this opportunity to take control of your money by managing your checking account. Receive a FREE debit card for easy account access at stores or online.Checking account
    • ATM Access – With the CU Network, you have access to thousands of surcharge free ATMs. ATM Locator
    • FREE Remote Deposit Capture – Need to deposit a check quickly? No problem! Use our new Remote Deposit Capture to take a picture of you check and deposit the funds immediately into your account.
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  • Emergency Money:

    No matter how far away from home you happen to be, things happen. You may need access to cash, fast. We have you covered with our $500 maximum VISA “Starter” Credit Card. Visa credit cards Not only does this give you immediate funds in case of an emergency, but it’s also a great way to build credit and prepare yourself to make bigger purchases upon graduation. CAUTION: Part of building great credit is making your payments on time! If you choose to use credit, be sure to make those monthly payments on time, every time!

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Enjoy your college experience, and remember, your credit union is always right here to help you make the most of your college experience! Check out the other great perks to being a member of the BCFCU Live Freely Young Adult Club, including a discount on your very first car loan. Check out all of the perks right here BCFCU Live Freely Young Adult Club and have a great fall semester!