Why Choose a Credit Union?

With banking options galore, choosing your financial partner can be an overwhelming experience. Many people are not even aware of what a credit union is, let alone that they can become a member. Why should you join a credit union? Simple… credit unions were created to serve YOU!

Not-for-Profit means better rates for you:

Credit Unions were created to give people an option other than the local bank. People found that if they pooled their money together, they could lend to one another at a much lower rate than the local bank, and the first financial cooperative, or credit union, was founded!

These first members were looking to help one another and not make a large profit off of their fellow neighbor. Today, credit unions continue to be not-for-profit! Whereas banks have shareholders and investors who make money from the bank profits, Credit Unions return those profits to the members! Every credit union member is a part-owner of the credit union!

Because the credit union is not looking to make huge returns for a small group of shareholders, the profits can go back to the membership in the form of lower rates on loans and higher rates on investment products!

Business man pointing with the text: Low Rates from credit unions

People Helping People Philosophy:

Credit unions were founded on the philosophy of “people helping people!” The end goal is NOT to make record profits. The goal of a credit union is to give back to each and every member as well as making our community a better place to live and work! Every loan we give out, helps to strengthen our community. With every student loan, a young adult makes their career aspirations a reality. Every mortgage helps to grow the number of home owners in our community. With every home equity loan, we help our members increase the value of their home and net worth. Student VISA Cards assist young members will building valuable credit that will follow them into adulthood.


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Be a name, not a number:

At Blue Chip FCU, our members are family! You are more than a number. Your financial future is important to us and we will work relentlessly to help you reach your financial goals! Learn more about credit union membership. We look forward to welcoming you into our financial family. Join the family today! 

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