Holiday Meal Prep – 3 Money Saving Tips

It’s officially the holiday season and our holiday meal preparations are underway! The financial experts at Blue Chip FCU, have you covered. Check out these 3 great money saving tips as you prepare for your holiday celebrations:

Do your research and shop around:

Many grocery stores offer HUGE discounts on Turkeys near the holiday season! If you live in Central PA, you can even get your Turkey FREE from Giant Food Stores. The free turkey offer is based on the points you have accumulated throughout the year. But aside from free turkeys, watch those flyers for money saving deals. There are lots of buy one, get one sales on all of the holiday staples you will need this season.

smiling senior mother and daughter with thanksgiving turkey for family dinner

Hit the discount grocery stores FIRST:

Before you run to the local big name grocery store, check out the discount stores first! In Central PA, we have Aldi’s (known for their great produce), Sharp Shopper (known for their pantry staples and frozen dessert selection) and more stores where you can get incredible deals on your groceries! We save so much money by starting at the discount stores. Once we exhaust our options at the discount stores, we finish our list out at the local grocery store.

Pretty female customer carrying grocery basket looking for item in store aisle

Be Flexible:

If you find a great deal, do some recipe research and see if you can make it work with your holiday plans! With so many discount grocery outlets in our area, the grocery budget is one of the easiest areas to cut back. Check out our financial challenge: “The great pantry clean-out”, for more great ideas on how to save money each month!

Happy mother and daughter making a salad for dinner together at home

Be sure to come back to our blog for more great money saving ideas. From all of your friends at Blue Chip FCU, we wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!