How to Go Green and Save Money!

In honor of Earth Day, we are focusing on how to go green and save a little green all at the same time! Thankfully, there are some simple steps we can take that will help our planet AND save us money. Check out these 5 simple ways to go green this Earth Day!

Save Paper with Electronic Services and Bill Payment:

You can cut WAY back on paper usage by signing up for electronic services and bill payment. If you have not signed up for BCFCU eStatements, NOW is the perfect time. Sign up for eStatements and we will pay you $5! Hurry! This special offer ends June 30th. This is also a great way to keep track of your statements! No more papers to file. Just sign into your account to access your monthly statements.

A piggy bank with a green tree / Green saving concept / Economic growth with environmental concern


Reduce Energy Costs:

Here in South Central PA, we are blessed with many spring and fall days that give us the opportunity to turn off the heat and cooling systems and opt for open windows and doors! Take advantage of these beautiful days and save on your home energy costs!

If you are in the market for a new car, be sure to look for energy efficient vehicles! Many of the new cars are programmed to turn off and on automatically when stopped in traffic or at red lights, saving fuel in the process.

Beautiful woman opening curtains at home


Landscape with purpose:

When landscaping your home, choose plants/trees that can provide shade for your house. By keeping your house shaded, you can reduce cooling costs in the summer. Newly planted shrubs, trees and flowers also make your home look beautiful. This time of year, many utility companies and corporations are giving out trees for you to plant! Be sure to take advantage of these opportunities!

Planting a tree. Close-up on young man planting the tree while working in the garden

Get a Rain Barrel:

We have had a lot of rain this year in PA. Take advantage of all of this rain by buying a rain barrel! Rain barrels collect fresh rain water. Attach a garden hose and now you have free water to reuse on your lawn, plants and flowers. Check out these great and stylish options available on Wayfair for around $100.00.

Water Conservation : Rain Barrel


Alternate Transportation:

When you live close enough, try walking or biking to your destination. You are saving the planet and getting in some extra steps. If you are traveling a little further, look into alternate means of transportation such as a train, bus or even car-pooling with your co-worker or friend.

Businesswoman communicating on cellphone using headphone set while traveling by train in business class seat.

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